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  1. The nature of the site 1

    This site 「hereinafter referred to as the 'Site'」 is a site that provides a diary that is a partner in life. We also aim for global services and open networks. Therefore, we wish to be members of kindness to people of all countries.

  2. The nature of the site 2

    This site is not a non-commercial site. Therefore, a total reorganization of the site or commercial activities may be involved. However, all commercial activities will be conducted through discussion with members or a meeting through notice. Commercial activities are carried out within a line that does not interfere with the basic service of, and only services that provide more convenience are produced. We do not engage in commercial activities that cause inconvenience.

  3. Membership Sign up and use

    The site is a community site that provides various texts, photos, drawings and programs related to the diary and photo album developed by "Drapiece". When users sign up for free membership according to the set registration procedure, they can use various free services provided by this site.

  4. Protection of personal registration information

    You can use this site without entering personal information. Personal information may be authenticated for payment-related matters or actions that cause damage to others. In addition, personal registration information of users is never disclosed to the outside without the consent of the member. However, user ID and registration information related to acts that cause serious damage to other users or harm public morals and customs may be provided to the relevant national organization or deleted arbitrarily.

  5. Amendment of Terms

    The contents of these terms and conditions may be changed only in case of significant reasons, and the contents will become effective when they are disclosed on this site or notified to users in other ways.

  6. Modification and Interruption of Services

    Various services, data, and programs currently in service on this site may be partially modified or suspended only in the case of unavoidable circumstances of the company. We are not responsible for this.

  7. Member information modification and withdrawal

    If you wish to amend member information or cancel your membership, you can do so freely through the member modification and withdrawal service menu. However, in the case of the diary service, deletion of the diary or the contents of the diary is not processed even if the member withdraws.

  8. ID and password

    The user is responsible for the management of the ID and password and the responsibility thereof. If you discover that your ID is being used illegally, you must immediately contact the site.

  9. Post use and copyright

    The rights and responsibilities for various paid postings on this site are solely on the site, and cannot be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the site. Even non-commercial cases require prior permission from the site. In addition, the contents of the diary posted by members directly belong to the members, and the site does not have any responsibility or rights for the contents of the diary.

  10. Responsibilities for using the service

    Users cannot engage in sales activities that illegally sell products through this site, and they must take responsibility for the consequences, losses, and legal actions of business activities that occur in violation of this.

  11. Non-Terms and Conditions

    Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by international law.

  12. Compensation for damages

    This site is not responsible for any damages incurred in connection with the free service. However, if a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the service, the court of jurisdiction where the site is located shall be the competent court.

  13. Ban on use

    P is blocked in order to block the member in case of harm to others as a member using this site, registration of obscene and private copyrighted content, distribution of malicious code, or large amount of indiscriminate registration of meaningless content that are banned by social norms. However, instead of blocking just one IP, you will be blocking everything starting with, which is the third level of IPs that contain that IP. Therefore, let

  14. Regulations related to global services

    The site is oriented towards global service. However, certain services may or may not be available in every country. Therefore, the menus available for each service country may be limited.

  15. Addendum

    These Terms and Conditions are effective as of November 19, 2004.
    Addition of Terms and Conditions No. 13 「Ban on use」 「2007-03-29」
    Addition of Terms and Conditions No. 7 「Member information modification and withdrawal」 「2009-09-16」
    Addition of Terms and Conditions No. 14 「Regulations related to global services」 「2009-11-05」
    Revision of personal information handling policy at the request of the South Korea Information Security Agency 「2011-12-14」
    All Terms and Conditions Amendments with Upgrade Version 12 「2022-04-27」

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